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The Phoenix Food Hub serves people of all ages in and around the Lynn area—a one-stop shop near Central Square where individuals and families at risk of nutrition insufficiency can access a variety of resources to help them better manage their overall health and well-being.



Current services at Phoenix Food Hub include a nutrition screening and counseling program plus indoor winter farmers markets. Nutrition screening happens through a referral process in partnership with local health agencies.



Phoenix Food Hub is on track to provide consumers in need with more nutrition-related supports and services - a teaching kitchen, expanded counseling services and more. Help build Phoenix Food Hub programs and infrastructure.


Coming Soon

By September 2022, we anticipate the Phoenix Food Hub will offer:

  • A food pantry operated by Catholic Charities
  • Food distribution events and on-site farmer’s markets
  • An expanded home delivered meals program to include people of any age, who may not qualify for the Meals on Wheels program
  • Expanded nutrition screening, counseling, and education programs
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Supports for getting to markets, reading labels, planning menus, managing dietary requirements
  • SNAP and other nutrition-related benefits counseling
  • Other related counseling services including housing, mobility, stress management, financial management, and more